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Editra-0.5.15::src::ed_editv::EdEditorView Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Editra-0.5.15::src::ed_editv::EdEditorView:

Editra-0.5.15::src::ed_stc::EditraStc Editra-0.5.15::src::ed_tab::EdTabBase Editra-0.5.15::src::ed_basestc::EditraBaseStc Editra-0.5.15::src::ed_style::StyleMgr

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Detailed Description

Tab editor view for main notebook control.

Definition at line 65 of file ed_editv.py.

Public Member Functions

def __del__
def __init__
def __init__
def __init__
def __init__
def AddBookmark
def AddLine
def AskToReload
def AutoIndent
def BackTab
def BlankStyleDictionary
def Bookmark
def BraceBadLight
def BraceHighlight
def CanCloseTab
def CanCopy
def CheckEOL
def Comment
def Configure
def ConfigureAutoComp
def ConfigureLexer
def ControlDispatch
def ConvertCase
def ConvertLineMode
def ConvertWhitespace
def DefineMarkers
def DeleteForward
def DoDeactivateTab
def DoOnIdle
def DoReloadFile
def DoTabClosing
def DoTabOpen
def DoTabSelected
def DoZoom
def EnableAutoBackup
def EnableKeyProcessor
def EnableLineNumbers
def Expand
def File
def FindChar
def FindLexer
def FindTagById
def FireModified
def FoldAll
def FoldingOnOff
def GetAutoComplete
def GetAutoIndent
def GetBookmarks
def GetBracePair
def GetCommandStr
def GetCommentChars
def GetCompleter
def GetCurrentLineNum
def GetCurrentStyleSetName
def GetDefaultBackColour
def GetDefaultFont
def GetDefaultForeColour
def GetDocument
def GetEOLChar
def GetEOLModeId
def GetFileName
def GetFontDictionary
def GetIndentChar
def GetItemByName
def GetKeywords
def GetLangId
def GetLastVisibleLine
def GetLineStartPosition
def GetMiddleVisibleLine
def GetModTime
def GetName
def GetPos
def GetStyleByName
def GetStyleFont
def GetStyleSet
def GetStyleSheet
def GetSyntaxParams
def GetTabIndex
def GetTabLabel
def GetTabMenu
def GetTitleString
def GetWordFromPosition
def GotoBraceMatch
def GotoColumn
def GotoIndentPos
def GotoLine
def GotoPos
def HasNamedStyle
def InitCompleter
def InvertCase
def IsBracketHlOn
def IsColumnMode
def IsComment
def IsFoldingOn
def IsHighlightingOn
def IsLoading
def IsNonCode
def IsRecording
def IsString
def LineDelete
def LineMoveDown
def LineMoveUp
def LinesJoin
def LinesJoinSelected
def LineTranspose
def LoadFile
def LoadStyleSheet
def MoveCaretPos
def OnBackupTimer
def OnChanged
def OnChar
def OnConfigMsg
def OnContextMenu
def OnKeyDown
def OnKeyUp
def OnLeftUp
def OnLoadProgress
def OnMarginClick
def OnMenuEvent
def OnModified
def OnRecordMacro
def OnSpelling
def OnStyleNeeded
def OnTabMenu
def OnUpdateUI
def OnUserListSel
def PackStyleSet
def ParaDown
def ParaDownExtend
def ParseStyleData
def PlayMacro
def PostPositionEvent
def PromptToReSave
def RefreshStyles
def RegisterImages
def ReloadFile
def RevertFile
def RevertToSaved
def SaveFile
def SearchText
def SetAutoComplete
def SetBlockCaret
def SetCaretPos
def SetCurrentCol
def SetDocument
def SetEncoding
def SetEOLMode
def SetFileName
def SetFocus
def SetGlobalFont
def SetKeyWords
def SetLexer
def SetLineCaret
def SetModTime
def SetProperties
def SetStyleFont
def SetStyles
def SetStyleTag
def SetSyntax
def SetTabIndex
def SetTabLabel
def SetTabTitle
def SetViEmulationMode
def SetViewEdgeGuide
def ShowAutoCompOpt
def ShowCallTip
def ShowCommandBar
def ShowFindBar
def StartRecord
def StopRecord
def StyleDefault
def SyntaxOnOff
def ToggleAutoIndent
def ToggleBracketHL
def ToggleColumnMode
def ToggleComment
def ToggleFold
def ToggleLineNumbers
def TrimWhitespace
def UpdateAllStyles
def UpdateBaseStyles
def VertEdit
def WordLeft
def WordLeftExtend
def WordPartLeft
def WordPartLeftExtend
def WordPartRight
def WordPartRightEnd
def WordPartRightEndExtend
def WordPartRightExtend
def WordRight
def WordRightEnd
def WordRightExtend

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 CanCut = CanCopy
tuple DOCMGR = DocPositionMgr()
string FONT_PRIMARY = u"primary"
string FONT_SECONDARY = u"secondary"
string FONT_SIZE = u"size"
string FONT_SIZE2 = u"size2"
string FONT_SIZE3 = u"size3"
 GetRange = wx.stc.StyledTextCtrl.GetTextRange
tuple ID_NO_SUGGEST = wx.NewId()
tuple STYLES = dict()

Private Member Functions

def _MakeMenu

Private Attributes


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